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Philippe J R Boullé

Born in Seychelles on 19th March 1950 Philippe Boullé spent his youth at Port Launay where he lived with his parents. He was educated at the Seychelles College, after which he studied Economics at the University of Natal in South Africa and returned to Seychelles to study law and passed Professional Examinations for Attorneys-at-Law which led to his enrolment as the first Seychelles qualified Attorney-at-Law. After a few years practicing in Seychelles he left for UK where he read law and obtained his L.L.B of the University of London and after joining the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple he was admitted as a Barrister-at-Law,thus holding the dual qualification of Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Seychelles and Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple.

He has been in practice as a Barrister, Attorney and Notary in Seychelles for over 30 years and is listed in Chambers World Leading Lawyers. Over the years he has been Chairman of Barclays Bank (Seychelles) Ltd, Chairman of the Seychelles Association of Offshore Practitioners, Chairman of the Seychelles Bar Association and a member of the Board of the Seychelles International Business Authority which gave him an award on its 15th Anniversary celebration in recognition of his contribution to the Seychelles Financial Services Industry.

Apart from his successful law practice, Philippe Boullé is founder and Chairman of the Intershore Consult Group, which is the only Seychellois firm that has been developed into an international business which has offices in London, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Panama, Anguilla, Belize from where it provides Wealth Management Solutions, Financial Consultancy, Tax Planning, Trust Administration and Corporate Services to its clients worldwide. With its global footprint Intershore Consult has become one of the world’s leading Corporate Service Provider and fiduciary firm.

Several awards have been received by Intershore Consult from international bodies and the Seychelles Financial Authority in recognition its role in the development of the financial services industry.

Philippe Boullé commenced his political life during the one party state when he persistently challenged the violations of human rights and other abuses by Government and resisted its attempt to muzzle lawyers and opponents, which led to the issue on him of three Presidential Detention Orders in terms of which he spent several months imprisoned in solitary confinement. He was forced into Exile during which time he lived in Paris and later in London and while in UK he was refused a passport by the Seychelles Government in an attempt to prevent him from returning to Seychelles.

In defiance of the unconstitutional decision of the Seychelles Government, Philippe Boullé obtained a passport for stateless persons from the South African Government and returned to Seychelles in August 1990, being the first of the few exiled Seychellois to return home during the one-party era to pursue the campaign for multi-party democracy.

Upon his return he was refused a licence to practice as an attorney by the Licensing Authority and the Supreme Court connived by refusing his request for a courtesy call on the new Chief Justice who had been appointed during his absence.

The one-party state collapsed a year later and he was thereupon granted his passport and his licence to practice law.

Upon the return of multi-party democracy which he had forcefully advocated during the one party era, Philippe Boullé set up the National Alliance Party for elections to the Constitutional Commission and jointly with other parties successfully threw out a first draft of the Constitution.

After the second draft Constitution was approved by a referendum, Philippe Boullé stood as presidential candidate in the first multi-party presidential elections ever held in Seychelles in 1993, backed by a coalition of three political parties comprising of the National Alliance Party, the Party Seychellois and the Seychellois National Movement. In later Presidential elections he stood as an independent candidate.

Philippe Boullé, during his busy career, travelled the world to meet clients and colleagues as well as political leaders and addressed conferences on Financial Services in several countries, finding time also to write several papers on legal matters, a book on philosophy and a poetry book.

Philippe Boullé became one of the first persons to restore and create an endemic forest space on Mahé and he is an ardent defender of the environment and the Seychellois culture.