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We Seychellois finally come together after 39 years of independence to review and analyse our past and form a bond in this crucial time of our history, to forge a future that will lift from our shoulders the weight and burden of national youth scarred by events that had not formed part of the agenda of our birth as an independent nation.

We take it to be our solemn duty as Seychellois and as an independent nation to strive to find the common factors that bind us as a people, of which many abound, and find the strength of spirit to address in a reconciliatory way, the sufferings and pain that many have endured at the hands of our own brothers and sisters in their eagerness and haste to realise ambitions and maintain power at all costs.

This manifesto aims to look at events as they are and offer solutions free from the weight of political and historical constraints, false pride and the bondage of inherited allegiances. Let our experiments and experiences be the backdrop for embracing a New Manifesto for Justice, brotherhood, equality, the rule of law and the revival of pride in each one of us as a Seychellois.


Our country has known as a young Nation, the exuberant hope and promise of Independence as a multi-party democracy and multicultural people;

Our country has known the trauma of a coup d’état and its harsh consequences of deaths, imprisonments, exile and other human sufferings;

Our country has fought for and seen the re-instatement of a multi-party democracy;

Our country is now experiencing the misery and despair of economic hardship, corruption and the disintegration of our institutions of state.

We who today see it all as part and parcel of a reckless youth of shattered dreams, extravagances, wastages, corruption and senseless ambitions;

We who wish to reconcile with our past and look towards the future with hope, strength of purpose and joyful optimism;

We who desire to give our children a new dream, a new belief in Nationhood and a new pride in being a Seychellois;


Our enormous problems which we have inherited from the youth of Nationhood cannot be resolved within the confines of closed political groupings.

National despair, disintegration of our institutions of state, social ills, moral and spiritual degradation, economy disempowerment and collective frustration have all come together to make it such that no political grouping in isolation can pull our nation from the edge of the precipice.

Deceptions, false promises, thirst for power, crafty speeches, propaganda and distortions of reality masqueraded as solutions shall no longer blind us but should be frowned upon as political manipulations that will push us into the abyss of national destruction.

It is very URGENT that all Seychellois come together to form a government to rebuild our Nation upon the basis of the harsh realities that confront us and on a foundation of TRUTH, HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY now that all Seychellois men and women of goodwill have come to realise that the country needs a new path, a new vision and a renaissance.

The new journey should commence by forming a Government of National Unity dedicated to the following;-

  1. Healing and leaving behind the acrimony that separates us in shaping our common future.

  2. Putting in place a government without consideration of political allegiances but based solely on considerations of integrity, experience, qualification, goodwill and a desire for national service, in order to build a solid democratic foundation to shape our destiny and ensure a future free from oppression, victimisation and abuse of power.

  3. Gathering together and choosing the best men and women that our proud Nation has brought forth into this world, to rebuild our Institutions of State that will serve the cause of justice, equality of opportunity, administrative efficiency and fairness, transparency and accountability.

  4. Form a government committed to the welfare of the Seychellois people first and foremost.

  5. Maintaining a government of National Unity for the period of its mandate that will reform all institutions and laws that are obstacles in the party political landscape, for free and fair elections and put in place credible institutions that will guarantee that political parties flourish in an atmosphere of confidence and trust in the political and electoral process


When all that can see us through, year in and year out, are empty slogans, broken promises and fabricated themes which political men and women discuss endlessly as if they could by magical incantations come true;

When the deaths of our brothers and sisters through violence and illness, have become but statistics;

When education has been reduced to a topic for debates, experiments, reforms, loans and schemes of service in which the child is forgotten and more and more reluctantly attend school hungry and without proper wearing apparels;

When public schools have been abandoned by the President and most Ministers as unfit for their children, preferring to send them to private schools;

When housing for our people is more a subject of financial and political scandals soaked in a quagmire of political and electoral manipulations, than one of humane consideration;

When the forces of law and order have become the transgressors of the law;

When political considerations dictate the need for a compliant self serving police force, and when the professional force which the people have been promised for more than 30 years, is constantly deteriorating under mysterious restructuring schemes undertaken by the people who themselves needed to be restructured out of the force;

When corruption is placed in the hands of the corrupt for eradication;

When faith in our people is lost and their ability to hold all the posts in our civil service is scorned upon;

When without shame we deliver our judiciary, police force, civil service and national enterprises in the hands of foreigners and thereby insult the capacity, dignity and power of our own people;

When the same government that bankrupted the country through corruption, abuse of power and mismanagement, shamelessly praises itself for the IMF program that caused misery for our people and saved the country from total collapse.


  1. For politicians to stop abusing the word “united”, as political slogans, empty rhetoric and false propaganda.

  2. For “united” to be a feeling and sentiment that resounds in the hearts of all Seychellois and Seychelloise and creates a fraternal bond by sealing a new covenant for Nationhood and pride;

  3. For THIS MANIFESTO which pledges for the people of Seychelles a Government of National Unity shall without shackled hands, favours and political considerations, be committed to the following plan of action;

    1. Remove all politics that have infiltrated our police force, judiciary, army, educational system, health service, civil service, parastatal enterprises, youth organisations, district administration and national media.

    2. Rebuild a police force run by Seychellois to become a force of the highest professional standard and effectiveness, capable of maintaining law and order far exceeding its present weak performance. A new force which shall be a community of men and women who will respect our people and apprehend suspects with speed and zeal at the same time maintaining their dignity and rights. A police force in whose hands we can entrust our life and property and not one in whose hands we run the risk of harm.

    3. Turn our educational system into respectful institutions of learning and not a platform for perpetual reforms imposed by obscure reports and schemes, but one where teachers shall regain the position of trust and respect and where the child shall be the focus of attention and not objects of continuous experiments.

    4. Restructure the Health Service to bring back to its fold the confidence of the people, pride for those in its services and a rallying point for Seychellois doctors to find fulfilment and satisfaction in the exercise of their profession.

    5. Promote the independence of the civil service as an organisation for career development and personal fulfilment above the influence and interference of party politics, that is, a civil service which will serve the cause of the Nation and not the political ambitions of a few.

    6. Review citizenships granted to persons who had no constitutional entitlement so as to bring back to the Seychellois people their cultural, historical and national identity and pride.

    7. Ensure that land held by foreigners are developed only for the benefit of the Seychellois people and the economy, without harming its beauty, ecosystem and unique natural landscape.

    8. Launch a forceful drive to remove Seychelles from the economic stagnation in which it finds itself, to achieve the following goals;

      1. Remove all the barriers that are placed in the path of Seychellois that prevent them to engage in the business or trade of their choice and ensure at all cost that no foreigner is given preference over Seychelles to engage in business or development projects in Seychelles.

      2. Ensure that the Seychellois nationality is not given to foreigners to allow them to trample over Seychellois citizens by engaging in business areas in Seychelles which are reserved for Seychellois.

      3. Give the Seychellois much greater control of the economy and the benefit of employment opportunities and businesses.

      4. Develop and promote a vibrant, competitive and modern international financial centre.

      5. Put an end to corruption.

      6. Stop the wastage, abuse of state funds and property and disregard for rules and norms of good and transparent Government.

    10. Give to the people a Judicial System that is independent, of the highest integrity and with judges that are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in the law, which shall be capable of earning the respect of the public.

    11. Embark on a vigorous nature conservation program with immediate restoration of eco-systems and halt all existing actions, works and projects which are causing environmental degradation and destruction and aesthetics depreciation, with a long term vision and conviction that no man-made structures can surpass the natural beauty of our precious and unique islands.

    12. Ensure that the state media is independent and that it serves the interest of the nation and the general public and not the party in power.

    13. Keep the welfare of children, the working population and the elderly out of the political arena and ensure that their rights as individuals to all the benefits they are entitled are enshrined in law, thus removing government discretion and political consideration in the realisation of their rights, which will put an end to manipulations for political gain.

    14. Remove from all organisations of the elderly and the youth, the infiltration, influence and control of government and politics so that the elderly and the youth find their independence of action and thought and gain a sense of dignity, security and pride through the exercise of free will under impartial guidance beyond the sphere of deception and the influence of politically motivated programs.

    15. Put in place concrete programs for the youth and the unemployed to obtain employment without allowing the country to be held hostage by claims of businesses that foreigners are more efficient and reliable bearing in mind that businesses should create and rely on models that are viable for the employment of Seychellois as part of investment strategies that aim to invest and do business in the country that belongs to those youths and unemployed Seychellois.

    16. Remove all political barriers that exist for employment in the civil service and in other state enterprises to ensure fair and impartial access to employment opportunities.

    17. Abolish compulsory retirement age in the public and private sector which is a violation of the right of citizens to work and an affront to the dignity of the elderly whose experiences and capabilities are lost to the country in many instances were senior citizens who have passed statutory retirement age desire for their mental and physical health and well-being, to retain the stimulation of social interaction within a working environment and draw a salary greater than the pension benefit. The removal of employment restriction on our senior citizen shall not affect their rights to retire and quit employment upon or at any time after retirement age to claim pension benefits.

    18. Raise the amount of retirement benefits for our elderly to an amount not less than the minimum wage so that they can enjoy a decent and comfortable life.

    19. Secure the rights of all citizens as established in our Constitution and strengthen the institutions that safeguard human rights and curtail the possibilities of abuse of the rights of citizen and of state funds and property by Government.

    20. Give the people of Seychelles back their pride, hope and dignity.

    21. AND WHEN The Institutions of state shall have been cleansed of corruption, rebuilt and strengthened so that the people of Seychelles shall never again fear those in power or be afraid of being oppressed, victimised or discriminated against at the hands of government, it shall be those in power who will then be fearful of the long arm of the law if they violate laws and be mindful of the wrath of a free people if they abuse their power.


When we fought for the return of multi-party democracy as the best possible solution for nationhood, we were told that we were dreaming, and that it shall never be.

When we asked for private schools to enrich the national educational system we were told to send our children overseas, and that it shall never be.

When we said that state monopolies are capricious wastages and that only the private sector can build wealth for our nation, we were called greedy capitalists, and that it shall never be.

When we said that we had to liberalise the agricultural sector for food security, we were told that it was against socialist philosophy and that it shall never be.

When we advocated the need for floating our currency, we were told that it was the desire of those who wished misery on our people, and that it shall never be.

When we were on the verge of bankruptcy, we were told that our economy was solid and expanding, and that it shall never be.

REMEMBERING the many good ideas and solutions that were proposed for our beloved country which were trampled on with the verdict that it shall never be, ALL for the simple reason that these ideas were threats to political power, but later implemented by force of disastrous events as a last resort.

NOW we tell you that our beloved country Seychelles is falling apart economically, socially, politically, morally and spiritually, and that our institutions of state are collapsing.

LISTEN WELL to the denials and tricks of deception to cling to the status quo of political power but do not be fooled, hold on to your Manifesto and with courage, peace and joy in your heart remember that we will be successful because we are all together in our conviction that THE TIME HAS COME FOR CHANGE AND RENAISSANCE.

Victoria 19th March 2015